Venezuelans cross the common border for health care in Guyana

Guyanese authorities have taken note of a substantial increase of Venezuelans crossing the border, looking for treatment against malaria and some other diseases.

The head of the Guyana’s Medical Council, Shamdeo Persaud, said that Venezuelans receive health care for free. Meanwhile, Cleveland De Souza, the leader of indigenous district White Water, informed that up to 200 Venezuelans have crossed the border in one day, AP cited.

Persaud pointed to a confirmed increase of events of malaria on the border, and he added that Guyanese authorities are investigating the presumed outbreak of measles in Venezuela, a country that faces a profound political and economic crisis.

The Guyana’s Ministry of Indigenous Affairs reported some days that Venezuelan soldiers crossed the border and stole food. They told the local residents that they had not received any provision for 45 days.