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Let Canadians Vote! Constitutional challenge failed.

Posted on: Aug 26 2015 - 8:50am | #0
In: Venezuela News

TODAY VENEZUELA – This is for Canadians only living in Venezuela (and anywhere but Canada). Your help is needed to raise funds to launch an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to secure voting rights. In 1993, Canadians living abroad more than 5 years, had their right to vote withdrawn. For a while, Canadians were able to reset the 5-year clock by returning to Canada on vacation. That policy changed in 2011, effectively disenfranchising 1.4 million Canadians around the world. A lawsuit was filed in Ontario Superior Court 2012 by two Canadians living and working in the USA, resulting in a 2014 decision that the policy of restriction was unconstitutional – oh, we were so happy to get the vote back! Then, the federal government appealed...


“Teta Teresa” Predicts Results Of Soccer Games

(TODAY VENEZUELA) A model uses her breasts to supposedly predict the results of soccer matches of the Copa America Chile 2015. So far her record is four out six. The prediction mechanism is very simple. A television news present pastes the flag of the countries that will play. With continuous movemebt, to the rythm of reggaeton, the model tries to release the flags....

Posted on: Jun 19 2015 - 1:14am | #0
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The Obama Decree

The more than 10 million signatures collected in Venezuela against the Executive Order have no legal effect within or outside the borders of Venezuela, so there is no way to force US President Barack Obama to revoke his decree (AVN)

It has effect solely within the territory of the United States and therefore does not amount to any sort of interference in the affairs of Venezuela, nor does it violate the...

Sign or Else: Venezuelans Coerced into Anti-Obama Petition

Jorge Rodríguez, one of the authors of the Tascón list, is spearheading the latest petition drive. (Bachaconews)

The government of President Nicolás Maduro is using desperate measures to coerce Venezuelans into signing a petition against the United States. The signature campaign calls for the repeal of Barack Obama’s executive order, which described Venezuela as an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the North American nation. On Sunday, April 5, authorities in the country’s southern...

Venezuela Looks to Hugo Chavez Oil Belt to Fix Sick Economy

Posted on: Apr 3 2015 - 8:35am | #0
In: Venezuela News

TODAY VENEZUELA (AP) You can’t miss it, rising off the main highway, a mountain of toxic soot towering over the flat, sunbaked scrubland of eastern Venezuela. The buildup of petroleum byproduct known as coke isn’t just an environmental hazard polluting the air of neighboring communities. It’s a potent symbol of the waste and unfulfilled promise of an oil industry more vital than ever to Venezuela’s economic health. For years, state-run oil monopoly PDVSA exported coke to great profit. But a 2009 fire knocked out a conveyer belt used to transport it to waiting ships. Exports have all but stalled ever since, and the residue has been piling up, representing millions of dollars a day in lost revenue at a time of a deep economic...

How Venezuela Has Turned Into A Pauper

Posted on: Mar 30 2015 - 7:30am | #0
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    TODAY VENEZUELA – There are no bursts of colour as fireworks pop high above the Bulevar de Sabana Grande. Only thin wisps of smoke in the azure sky mark the precise time, two years ago, that Hugo...

Celac rejects “coercive” US measures against Venezuela

TODAY VENEZUELA – The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), of which Ecuador holds the pro-tempore presidency, rejected what it described as the implementation of “coercive” policies by the United States against Venezuela, informed on Thursday Ecuadorian Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Patiño. The regional organization passed...

Posted on: Mar 27 2015 - 7:32am | #0
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