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Venezuelan industries barely surviving

Posted on: Nov 2 2015 - 5:24am | #0
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Various industries have had to temporarily halt some of their production lines due to lack of raw material and feed stock (Venancio Alcázares)

TODAY VENEZUELA – Venezuelan industries find themselves in a “desperate struggle for survival” says the President of Venezuelan Confederation of industrial (Conindustria), Juan Pablo Olalquiaga. But, despite adversity, the country’s manufacturing sector “is determined to move forward to maintain production and preserve jobs”. Since 1999 – the year when the current regime came to power -the industrial sector in Venezuela “has been falling slowly but steadily, heading toward a virtual standstill,” for a variety of reasons, says Olalquiaga. In 1998 the manufacturing sector’s share of the gross domestic product (GDP) stood at 17.4%; in 2012 it fell to 13.9%; in 2013 it stood at 13.7%;...


Price law in Venezuela is to control distribution

TODAY VENEZUELA – With the administrative decision on the Law on Fair Prices having been amended, the way is cleared for the Venezuelan government to gain ground and deal once and for all with distribution of all food items in Venezuela, admitted Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. In line with the remarks of Venezuelan Vice-President Jorge Arreaza and the...

Posted on: Nov 2 2015 - 5:19am | #0
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Expert: Venezuela will not default in 2015

The possibility of a dollar-based economy has been ruled out (Adolfo Acosta)

(TODAY VENEZUELA) – “Venezuela does not look like defaulting in 2015,” said José Ignacio Guarino, a professor in the area of finances and securities market. He explained that Venezuela has paid almost half of the outlays on account of principal and interest for debt maturity. “Bond 2015, which was for 1.3 billion euros, has been paid and, apparently, (state-run...

Venezuela’s Young Choose Parallel Economy Over Higher Education

Posted on: May 25 2015 - 10:41am | #0
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In a survey conducted among professors at the Gervasio Rubio Rural Pedagogic Institute, attached to the Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University (UPEL), they conveyed that the university sector was concerned over the Venezuelan youth’s general lack of interest in higher education; instead, they prefer to work in the so called “parallel economy”: drug trafficking, smuggling, bachaqueo (small-scale smuggling), and small-scale drug trafficking (TODAY VENEZUELA) — Venezuelan public high education institutions have recorded a decline in the number of students enrolled in undergraduate programs. Professors at the Gervasio Rubio Rural Pedagogic Institute (Rubio, southwestern Táchira state), attached to the Libertador...

The more than 10 million signatures collected in Venezuela against the Executive Order have no legal effect within or outside the borders of Venezuela, so there is no way to force US President Barack Obama to revoke his decree (AVN)

The Obama Decree

It has effect solely within the territory of the United States and therefore does not amount to any sort of interference in the affairs of Venezuela, nor does it violate the human rights of the people, experts say TODAY VENEZUELA- Ever since last March 9, when US President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order declaring Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary...

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