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5 Killed in Police Clash With Venezuela Political Collectives

Posted on: Oct 10 2014 - 10:39am | #0
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Venezuelan collective leader and congressman, both dead

VENEZUELA NEWS — A bloody clash between police and militant collectives in Caracas may feed suspicions that the collectives played a role in the recent dramatic murder of a Venezuelan Congressman, and raises the specter of more violence ahead as the investigation into the murder continues. The gunfight reportedly broke out as police were attempting to raid a house located along a central Venezuelan highway. Five members of two militant collectives, known as the 5th of March (5 de Marzo) and Shield of the Revolution (Escudo de la Revolucion), were left dead, including two collective leaders. The brother of one of these leaders said the victim, Jose Odreman, was shot 40 times, reported El Nacional. El Nacional reported that residents of...

Venezuela's 'busman' president Maduro to make U.N. debut

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro said he will travel to New York this week for his debut appearance as president at the United Nations General Assembly despite “racist” editorials against him in major U.S. newspapers. Source: Reuters...


Venezuela: The Most Dangerous Country In the World?

VENEZUELA NEWS – According to the results of Gallup’s 2013 Law and Order Index — which is based on a poll measuring self-reported theft, confidence in local police, and perceptions of personal safety — fewer citizens in Latin America and the Caribbean reported feeling safe in their communities than residents of any other region in the world. Venezuelans...

Posted on: Aug 25 2014 - 11:29am | #0
In: Venezuela News