Venezuela transporte

TODAY VENEZUELA -(Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Minister of Transportation Ricardo Molina urged the population to remain quiet and keep working, in response to the strike planned by the right-wing that sought to halt that service today.

The right-wing call for a strike on transportation in Venezuela was made on the social networks, calling for demonstrations of transportation workers and students at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

In the radio program Pueblo en Movimiento, broadcast by the Radio Miraflores station, Molina reiterated the willingness of the Bolivarian Government to hold dialogue with all sectors in the country.

Deputy minister of Ground Transportation Cristofer Martinez also deplored the strike during the radio program and called for boosting an environment of dialogue.

For his part, Reinaldo Chirinos, member of the Bolivarian Union of Transportation said that they do not support the strike called by the right-wing, while saying that his union will support the work done by the public transportation and will not join the right-wing that seeks to foster chaos.

‘We all had the chance of holding a working session with minister Molina and we were heard. The right-wing is always seeking to foster chaos’, said Chirinos.