Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez

(Prensa Latina) Venezuela will ratify the defense on the right of the peoples of the world to fight for peace and sovereignty during the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), declared today the Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez.

Through her official Twitter account, the foreign minister welcomed the delegations that until next Sunday will be in this city to attend the 17th meeting of this international organization.

‘The emancipation, anti-imperialism and peace are the flags that define the 17th NAM Summit Venezuela 2016’, the Minister wrote in the social network.

The event starts today with meetings of officials from the NAM member countries, which will take place until Wednesday and will give way, on September 15th, to the official opening of the forum.

From that date and until Friday will take place meetings of the foreign ministers of the grouping and for Saturday and Sunday are scheduled presidential exchanges at the Convention Center Hotel Venetur Margarita, which houses the main activities of the summit.

By then, Venezuela will receive from Iran the temporary presidency of the Non-Aligned Movement until 2019.

According to its official website, the NAM was created 55 years ago in 1961.However, the idea of its foundation emerged in the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung (Indonesia) in 1955, where the 10 fundamental principles that mark the actions of the group were established.

Among those ideals there is the respect for the independence, self-determination, sovereignty, and the promotion of cooperative relations on the basis of mutual respect, the source adds.

Furthermore, the organization also plays a great role in the preservation of world peace, and strongly opposes social exclusion, advocates non-interference in the internal affairs of states, the disarmament and the fight against all forms of manifestation of imperial domination.