Pro-government deputy for ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Pedro Carreño, along with all the members of the pro-government parliament group, went to the headquarters of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) to file three actions against “violations, illegalities, and unconstitutional actions” allegedly perpetrated by the newly appointed board of directors of the National Assembly.

In that regard, Carreño explained that the designation of a special committee in charge of revising the appointment of the justices of the TSJ was illegal. “In the Organic Law of the TSJ, no reference is made to such revision, but to removal; and even though the Assembly has the authority to remove justices, there are 17 possible causes of gross misconduct, and the power to decide on that lies in the Moral Power; hence, (the National Assembly) is usurping its authority too.”

The deputy pointed out that the first complaint was filed with the Political-Administrative Court of the TSJ, and comprises a petition of interpretation of article 94 of the AN Internal and Debate Rules.

A second complaint was filed with the Political-Administrative Court as well against the AN, as it allegedly usurped the authority of the Citizen’s Power by appointing a committee to revise the designation of TSJ magistrates.

The third document filed by chavista deputies is a request of seven items with respect to the AN contempt of the TSJ ruling.