Capriles: The people have to show their discontent

“We need to be organized to speak up,” Capriles noted (Handout photo: @CaprilesPuntoTV)
“We need to be organized to speak up,” Capriles noted (Handout photo: @CaprilesPuntoTV)

TODAY VENEZUELA (El Universal) Venezuelan opposition leader and Miranda state governor, Henrique Capriles Radonski, stated on Monday that the people had to speak up “so it does not look like they accept the crisis” the country is going through.

However, Capriles Radonski outlined that such discontent should be expressed in an organized, peaceful manner. In this way, violence “will not distort the claims we make to the government,” he said during a radio interview with radio station Unión Radio.

The dissenter asked the government to explain the status of seized companies. “What is the status of seized plots of land? When will production start? What are we going to do with seized enterprises? Where is the accountability, the report about the output of each seized company?”

Reflecting on the anti-government protests staged last year since February, Capriles Radonski remarked that one of the weaknesses was “lack of organization in the communities.” “We need to be organized and united,” he recommended.