People line up to buy food and other staple goods inside a supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela. REUTERS/Mariana Bazo

(Prensa Latina) At least 80 percent of the Venezuelan population believe that the Government should establish clear economic regulations for private companies, said today Oscar Shemel, head of the Hinterlaces polling firm.

In a campaign meeting for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) with businesspeople and agricultural producers, Shemel, candidate from the business sector for ANC, said that 59 percent of the population also believes that the economy in a country should be led by the Government.

Shemel considered that the ideal framework for the discussion on these issues is ANC, a place of peace to reach consensus, agreement and take decisions among all Venezuelans.

In that regard, he urged Venezuelan businesspeople and agricultural producers to decide on the future of the country with the National Constituent Assembly for the benefit of the people.

Representatives of the business sector had previously agreed on the need to build a new Post-Petroleum Economic System, seeking to overcome Venezuela’s dependence on the hydrocarbon trade.