President Nicolas Maduro
President Nicolas Maduro

(Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reaffirmed today that the Government continued working against the economic war boosted by right-wing sectors that take advantage of the situation in the country after the fall of crude oil prices.

The president stressed that the country would overcome this situation, protecting employment and with measures for every locality to have access to food and basic products, especially the most vulnerable populations.

Here we go for victory against the economic war, as well as we did with the coup. Let us go, with work, for the economic victory, for our homeland’s prosperity, he said.

Besides, the president highlighted the work by the Local Distribution and Production Committees (CLAP), which help the populations to get products at reasonable prices and fight problems as stockpiling and smuggling.

He announced that they had planned to shape 21,000 CLAPs to extend the scope of this mechanism for production and distribution of basic products.

These committees are spaces for the emergence of the new leadership in Venezuela that is facing the challenge of building a new productive system, Maduro remarked.