(Q24N) Antibiotics, contraceptives, antihypertensive, oncological and antiretroviral drugs are some of the medicines still in short supply in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation reported that in April 85% of basic medicines were unavailable, while the Venezuelan Medical Federation informed that hospitals nationwide lack 5% of consumables to operate normally. For its part, the Health Ministry has said that overall mortality climbed to 31% last year in the country.

In words of doctors from non-governmental organization Let’s Defend Epidemiology Network, “Venezuela is the most vulnerable nation in South America with regard to essential drugs. Medicines shortage to meet nationals’ needs has exceeded low records reaching near 80% in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas.”

Similarly, the experts have underscored that “scarcity is higher in the rest of the country. The lack of answers and solutions from government authorities (…) has led to worsening of a number of diseases, deterioration of (Venezuelans’) life quality, and deaths.”

Source El Universal