The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) handed over on Monday night to the political parties who took part in the legislative election of Sunday, December 6 the final results of the polls.

The CNE posted on its website around 7:00 p.m. on Monday the results accounting for 107 deputies for the Unified Democratic Panel (MUD), 55 deputies for ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and other three for indigenous representatives.

Freddy Guevara, leader of opposition Voluntad Popular (People’s Wil) party and recently elected for central Miranda state, told news TV network CNN that the MUD scored 112 seats at the National Assembly. He explained that all of the three elected indigenous representatives are parties to the opposition coalition.

“There are 112 deputies and we have the records,” Guevara admonished.

Based on the information supplied by CNE to political parties, MUD amassed a total of 7,707,422 votes (56,5%) vs. 5,599,025 votes (41,0%) for Psuv.