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Forty-five deaths reported in Caracas on the weekend

TODAY VENEZUELA (El Universal) - Insecurity in Venezuela has resulted in as many as 45 deaths were reported last weekend in Caracas. The figure includes homicides, suicides, and car accidents. One of the victims was...

Pdvsa denies shortage of gasoline in Venezuela

"We attest that shipment in our distribution circuit is guaranteed; there is full supply of gasoline in all gas stations", said Julio García, National Market Director of state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa)...

VIDEO: New dinosaur 'may be in T-Rex family'

Scientists think that a newly discovered species of dinosaur, whose remains were found after 20 years of excavation in Venezuela, maybe related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Venezuela murder blamed on Colombian

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says Colombian paramilitaries ordered the murder of a governing party lawmaker in his home in Caracas.

Arrests in Venezuela lawmaker murder

Two suspects are arrested in Venezuela in connection with the murder of lawmaker Robert Serra of the governing PSUV party on 1 October.

5 Killed in Police Clash With Venezuela Political Collectives

VENEZUELA NEWS -- A bloody clash between police and militant collectives in Caracas may feed suspicions that the collectives played a role in the recent dramatic murder of a Venezuelan Congressman, and raises the...

Venezuela 'must pay Exxon $1.6bn'

Venezuela must pay oil giant Exxon Mobil $1.6bn (£1bn) in compensation for assets expropriated in 2007, says a World Bank panel.

Venezuelan opposition head seeks 2015 vote gains, and 'Caribbean Norway'

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's new opposition chief is targeting 2015 parliamentary elections as a springboard to end more than 15 years of socialist rule.

Venezuelan lawmaker Serra shot dead

A young politician with Venezuela's governing PSUV party, Robert Serra, is found shot dead at his home in Caracas alongside his partner.


Suriname should mediate in Guyana-Venezuela border controversy

PARAMARIBO – Suriname should take on the role of mediator in order to prevent an armed conflict in the region as a result of...

Venezuelan Armed Forces prepare against possible military intervention

Each day, it becomes increasingly common to hear about a military intervention in Venezuela with the aim of deposing the dictatorial regime of Nicolás...

Little-known Evangelical Pastor Launches Venezuela Presidential Bid

(Reuters) - A little-known Venezuelan evangelical pastor on Sunday launched his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, an illustration of the growing religious influence...

Venezuelan dictator Maduro takes advantage of the same “feminism” that condemns Trump

The two most controversial presidents in the Americas decided to speak out on feminism last weekend. In Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro declared himself a feminist,...

Venezuelan Leader Nicolas Maduro Not Welcome At Summit of Americas

The Mexican Foreign Ministry supports the decision of the Peruvian government not to invite Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro to the Lima-hosted Summit of the...

Venezuela Seeks Oil Equipment Supply Deals With Russian Companies

Caracas seeks to secure deals for supplies of oil equipment with Russian companies Rosneft and Gazprombank, Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa...

Opposition Wants ‘National Front’ to Protect Venezuelans’ Rights

enezuela’s opposition will present a nationwide front to protect people’s rights, its negotiator Julio Borges said Thursday after talks with the government collapsed. "We are...