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Arrest made in slaying of Venezuela ex-spy chief

Army mates of former Venezuelan Intelligence Chief Eliezer Otaiza carry his body outside the National Assembly during a funeral procession in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

Racism sin vergA1 4enza in the Venezuelan counter-revolution

It's late morning in Caracas. Feb. 12. From the restaurant inside the hotel around the corner from Plaza Venezuela we can hear chanting, but it's too muffled to understand.

Explaining the Venezuelan conflict in video: Argumentos [Exchanges] Series

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Ed Miliband to unveil far-reaching rental market reforms

Labour plans longer tenancy agreements and rent increase ceiling as Tories accuse him of 'Venezuelan-style rent controls'A future Labour government would ban landlords from evicting tenants as a quick way of increasing rental income,...

Venezuela to Crush Cars and Bikes to Build Houses

Venezuela said on Tuesday it would start crushing abandoned cars and bicycles to provide raw materials for housing construction and supplement drastically reduced amounts of local steel.

US resumes visa issuance in Venezuela


Venezuela raises minimum wage by 30%

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announces a raise in the minimum wage and pensions of 30% ahead of the May Day celebrations.

Venezuelan ex-spy chief shot and killed outside Caracas

Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres noted that lack of identification slowed the identification process.

Venezuela's largest private firm Polar halts pasta production

Venezuela's largest private company, Empresas Polar, said on Tuesday it was halting production of pasta due to delays in foreign currency allocations from the government.

Venezuela food giant suspends pasta production

Venezuela's biggest food company is halting work at one of its facilities because of government delays in allotting it dollars to buy wheat from foreign suppliers.

Venezuela's Security Forces: A Killer Elite Beyond the Law

The State Security forces of Cuba's Castro dictatorship has been murdering Cubans with impunity for more than a half century.

Venezuelans in Calgary desperate after tuition money cut off

In this Oct. 24, 2007 file photo, a woman looks at oversized versions of the Venezuelan currency, coined the 'Strong Bolivar' in Caracas, Venezuela.

Queues, shortages hit Venezuela's homeless and hungry

Huge queues at supermarkets and shortages of basic products have become the norm in Venezuela over the last year - and the most needy are increasingly at the sharp edge.

Queues, shortages hit Venezuela's homeless and hungry

CARACAS (Reuters) - Huge queues at supermarkets and shortages of basic products have become the norm in Venezuela over the last year - and the most needy are increasingly at the sharp edge. ...

Venezuela ex-intelligence chief shot

Major Eliecer Otaiza, who served as the head of the Venezuelan intelligence service under President Hugo Chavez, has been killed, officials say.

Venezuela's Oil Heads East

The late Venezuelan President Hugo ChA vez used to berate the old management of state oil company PetrA3leos de Venezuela for sending oil to Europe.

Venezuelan students protest new bid to limit demonstrations

Caracas (AFP) - About 100 Venezuelan students chained themselves Monday to the front gate of a UN agency's Caracas office, calling for an end to a new high court ruling requiring government approval for...

The Opportunity of a Plastic Bag

Gunter Pauli, teacher, activist, entrepreneur and the author of "The Blue Economy: 100 innovations - 10 years - 100 million jobs", writes in this column about the benefits of replacing traditional plastic bags with...

Colombia's Ineffective Justice Underscored by 15% Incarceration Rate

A news investigation in Colombia has revealed that less than one in six people arrested in the country end up imprisoned. Judicial officials say legislation designed to ease prison overcrowding is partially to blame...


Recent Wave of Looting Shows Extent of Hunger in Venezuela

The economic crisis and the food shortage in Venezuela is so serious that looting has become commonplace throughout the country. In January alone, nearly...

Gourmet Chocolate Becomes Economic Lifeline in Venezuela

Caracas (VOA) - In a modest apartment near a Caracas slum, nutrition professor Nancy Silva and four aids spread rich, dark Venezuelan cocoa on...

As Crisis Worsens, Venezuelans Turn to Perilous Escape Routes by Sea

On January 10, a group of Venezuelan rafters headed for Curaçao were met with tragedy. Many people on the raft died, and then the...

Venezuela Cuts Transport Connection With Neighboring Islands to Fight Smuggling

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the transport connection with the Dutch islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire will be cut amid the...

Venezuela’s Economic Woes Forces Women Into Prostitution to Feed Children

A three-story hotel in western Caracas has become home to a 50-year-old prostitute, Juana, who, along with her 30-year-old daughter, works in a brothel...

New Monthly Minimum Wage in Venezuela Barely Enough to Buy Daily Cup of Coffee

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced a new increase in the minimum wage this year, but it’s only worth enough to purchase one a cup...

Maduro Announces 40% Minimum Wage Increase for New Year

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday, just before the new year, a 40 percent increase in the minimum wage — as a protection for...