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Faces of The Venezuela Uprising: Poor And Huntry People Raped By The Corrupt State...

VENEZUELA is reeling. The current wave of unrest started in San Cristobal on 4 February, when students took to the streets to protest against the alleged attempted rape of a university student.

Scarcities help fuel riots in Venezuela

Protesters and security forces have been battling in the streets for almost two months in major Venezuelan cities.

Venezuela 'clears' protest city

A top Venezuelan military commander says the security forces have retaken control of the streets in the western city of San Cristobal.

New battle rages over death toll from Venezuela crisis

After her bus was stopped at a barricade set up by protesters in Venezuela one night last week, a pregnant 28-year-old got off to walk home in the dark.

In Caracas, students shame OAS with peaceful protest

Massive and bloody street protests have roiled Venezuela for two months. But this weekend, outside the Caracas office of the Organization of American States, there were no street barricades or massive marches protesting what...

Venezuela 'clears' protest city

Venezuelan officials say the city of San Cristobal, where the current wave of anti-government protests started, has been cleared of barricades.

Two more deaths in separate incidents in Venezuela

The death toll from several weeks of protests that have paralyzed Venezuela rose to 39 yesterday after two more people died in separate incidents, Interior Minister Miguel Rodrguez said.

New Market Study Published: Venezuela Industrial Construction: Market Update

This report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the industrial construction market in Venezuela.

14 Muslim women, children return from Venezuela

After being detained for over a week in Venezuela, 14 local Musliams - six women and eight children - returned to this country late Friday night.

Armed Pro-Govt Militias Roil Venezuela Protests

The masked gunmen emerged from a group of several dozen motorcycle-mounted government loyalists who were attempting to dismantle a barricade in La Isabelica, a working-class district of Valencia that has been a center of...

Armed pro-govt militias roil Venezuela protests

In this photo taken on Saturday, March 15, 2014. Residents walks near to a opposition protest at Isabelica neighborhood outside Valencia , Venezuela.

Venezuelan toll in protests reaches 39 – Indiatalkies.com

Caracas, March 30 Two more deaths of opposition activists while protesting against President Nicolas Maduro on barricades in the cities of San Cristobal and Maracaibo have pushed the anti-government demonstrations victims' tolll to 39....

Student dies in Venezuela protest, circumstances unclear

Officials in the industrial city of Maracaibo say that Roberto Annese was killed near a barricade.

Venezuelan court declines to free Opposition leader – Indiatalkies.com

Caracas, March 29 The Caracas Court of Appeals rejected the defence attorney's plea for the release of Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, locked up in a military prison since February last year, Venezuela's Supreme Court...

Venezuela Agrees to Slowly Let Global Airlines Repatriate $3.8 Billion in Ticket Sales

Airlines flying into and out of Venezuela won't be happy that it would take until 2015 to get their ticket revenue out of the country, but at least Venezuela has caved on its initial...

UN to Investigate War-Time Atrocities in Sri Lanka

A U.N. Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. Credit: Jean-Marc Ferré/U.N.By Gustavo CapdevilaGENEVA, Mar 28 2014 (IPS) The bloody events that marked the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war between government and Tamil separatist...

Real life: Venezuelan officials probing opposition messages coded into crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles in a local Venezuelan newspaper are calling readers to violent protests with conspiratorial messages, the country's information minister said today.

Dutch DJ Tiesto cancels Venezuela show over unrest

U.S. lawmakers praised the swift response of police to a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport last year but didn't reach a conclusion at a hearing Friday on how to improve security for screening......

Dutch DJ Tiesto Cancels Venezuela Show Over Unrest

Dutch DJ Tiesto, one of the world's most popular purveyors of dance music, says he is canceling a show in Caracas because "it's no time to party."


Venezuelans View Russia as an ‘Elder Cousin Ready to Lend a Helping Hand’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has come to Moscow for talks with President Putin. Venezuelan political analyst Basem Tajeldine and journalist Jordán Rodríguez told Sputnik...

US Will Never Break Venezuela’s ‘Freedom-Loving Spirit’: Maduro

US President Donald Trump in August imposed new sanctions on Venezuela against the backdrop of protests in the country. He expressed hope that the...

Venezuela First Country to Lose All Glaciers

In spite of an overwhelming body of evidence there are some who still debate whether global warming as a result of human-induced climate change...

To Survive in Venezuela, Multinationals Slash Operations and Payrolls to Bare Minimum

Multinational companies in Venezuela are starting to look like the living dead versions of what they once were, as the country continues to flounder...

Maduro Regime Arrests Three Journalists Reporting from Venezuelan Prison

Venezuela’s National Press Workers Union (SNTP) alerted on late Friday, October 7, that three journalists who were reporting from a prison in Tocorón, northern...

Venezuela Explores Alliances with U.S. Companies for More Crude Oil

(Prensa Latina) The State-run oil firm Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) has explored new alliances with U.S. companies to assess the progress in the recovery...

Venezuela Sees Iran, Syria To The Rescue

Facing potentially debilitating oil sanctions from the Trump administration, the Caracas government is searching desperately for new ways to get its most valuable commodity...