Venezuela's opposition leader and governor of Miranda state Henrique Capriles answers a question during a news conference in CaracasBy Andrew Cawthorne and Diego Ore CARACAS (Reuters) – One month ago, Henrique Capriles was Venezuela’s undisputed opposition leader, espousing a vision of dialogue and measured dissent towards the socialist government. Now, though, an explosion of protests has put President Nicolas Maduro under pressure and also exposed rifts inside the opposition as a rival to Capriles takes a more prominent role. Leopoldo Lopez, a U.S.-educated economist who leads a radical wing of the opposition, defied Capriles’ moderate approach to organize street resistance against Maduro – and has been jailed for leading the protests. Capriles, 41, acknowledges tension within the opposition and is frustrated by Lopez but insists the main battle is against Maduro, who succeeded late socialist leader Hugo Chavez by being Capriles in an election last April.